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Browse our menu items and choose what poultry feed ingredient you’d like to order from us . . . that’ll save thousands of dollars per month on your feed and take less time than your current shopping routine.

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how anyone can purchase better even if they have no time!


This economical bulk corn provides a high-energy source for your livestock. It's a versatile option perfect for supplementing diets or using as a base for feed mixes



Image of Corn


Protein-packed bulk soybean meal is a staple for animal nutrition. Processed from US soybeans, it offers a high-quality, cost-effective source of protein for your livestock


★ Soybean Meal

Image of ★ Soybean Meal


Nutrient-rich bulk Corn Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) delivers a powerful protein punch for your livestock



Image of Corn DDGS


High-quality bulk soybean oil provides a concentrated source of energy and essential fatty acids

$12.00 - Out of stock

Soybean Oil

Image of Soybean Oil


Tell people more about the items in this section, e.g., all main courses can be made gluten free


bulk limestone provides a crucial calcium supplement for your livestock. It helps maintain strong bones and teeth, improve overall health, and can even contribute to eggshell strength in poultry



Image of Limestone


Bulk salt is a vital mineral supplement for your livestock. It regulates electrolyte balance, supports proper muscle and nerve function, and is essential for overall animal health



Image of Salt


Bulk amino acids provide essential building blocks for your animals' growth and development. They help support muscle formation, improve immune function, and contribute to overall health and well-being


Amino Acids

Image of Amino Acids


Bulk vitamin and trace mineral premix provides a comprehensive blend of essential micronutrients for your livestock. It helps ensure they get the vitamins and minerals they need to support strong immune function, healthy growth, and overall well-being


Vitamin and Trace Minerals

Image of Vitamin and Trace Minerals

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Order Anytime, Anywhere with 24/7 Online Support. Ship in 15 days Tactical Purchasing for Executives.

Bonus #1: We handle the sourcing, purchasing, and shipping of your feed ingredients.
Bonus #2: You can order any time, from anywhere, with our 24/7 online support.
Bonus #3: For containers, we'll process and ship your container within 15 days.
Extra Bonus: Access to our comprehensive library of import instructions.

($6000 value from getting 200 hours per year back — that’s four weeks of work!)

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