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Supply Chain Mastery for Ingredient Buyers

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Get access to the ultimate self-paced online program that provides poultry industry professionals with the knowledge and skills to engineer their supply chains. Through a blend of video lectures, interactive exercises, and real-world poultry supply chain case studies, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to optimize sourcing, logistics, and inventory for high-quality feed ingredients in poultry production. Bonus #1: Negotiated prices with reliable feed ingredient manufacturers in the U.S. Bonus #2: Implementing just-in-time delivery systems for feed and other supplies. Bonus #3: Optimizing transportation routes to reduce costs and delivery times. Bonus #4: Forecasting demand to minimize excess inventory and storage needs. Bonus #5: Collaborating with distributors to streamline ordering processes. Enroll today and start optimizing your poultry supply chain! Total value: $12,497



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