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Founded by Sory I. Soumare,
Industrial Engineer

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Soumare Engineering is a builder of animal feed supply chains using machinery, equipment, and ingredient supplies from the U.S.. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services to manufacturers to help industrialize economies.

As our founder mentioned on a podcast: "In our world, you aren't just buying a product. You're choosing a partner to transform the way you do business and all that comes with it."

Feeding Your Livestock with the Freshest Feed

At Soumare Engineering, we are committed to delivering freshness to our customers every day. We understand the importance of high-quality feed and ingredients in running a successful poultry business, and we work hard to ensure that our products are always fresh and of the highest quality.

Sustainability and the Environment

We are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize waste by using eco-friendly packaging and supporting local farmers and suppliers. We believe in taking responsibility for our impact and making a positive difference.

Supporting Local Farmers and Suppliers

As a builder, Soumare Engineering is proud to support local farmers and suppliers. We believe in the importance of community and supporting local businesses. By procuring from us, you are helping to support the local economy and ensuring the sustainability of our community.


Construir cadeias de valor agrícola de primeira qualidade para atender as pessoas a um preço razoável em tempo hábil.

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We are builders that empower the animal feed industry.


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