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Soumare's mission as an exporter is to leverage our vast engineering resources in global logistics to improve efficiency and reduce cost while enabling clients to profitably expand their operations.


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Who We Are

We are a global leader in Export trade services helping distribute high quality products and services on world markets. Industry in different regions often is characterized by dual value chains operating in parallel for the same product: one informal or traditional, and the other formal or modern. We bridge the gap between value chains to improve efficiency and cost performance within a single business unit:

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What We Do

Soumare doubles-down on helping Export operations that aim to deliver products in higher quantities, and in better or more uniform quality. These are usually larger companies, more organized groups of small companies, commercial wholesalers, local retailers, and also entrepreneurs. We are mainly focused on driving international business development projects along 3 operating segments:​​

Product Catalogue

Sourcing agency 30%* broker commission based on the deal.​ Items can be sourced, purchased, and shipped from the United States without active involvement.

Market Research on $150/hour retainer for the duration of the project. Strategic investments to secure the future of your business and further explorer markets.​

Export agency fee for $125/hour translation each export transaction. Supply Chain and Logistics strategy to determine need and support deals and transactions.

Our Customer SEGMENTS

How We Do It

We develop the right strategy starting with understanding a client’s goals and available resources, determining what additional resources will be required to successfully implement the strategy, and, if outside Export partners are needed, identifying which firms can best satisfy those requirements. Thus, we provide guidance, and clarity on strategic alignment within three project scopes:


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Access to International markets can dramatically increase revenues. But making this leap requires knowledge of risks related to processes and excessive paperwork. We help create a more seamless experience by engendering trust.


Without being linked into foreign markets, companies are condemned to compete only domestically. Finding ways for companies to improve their operations can be very important to producing sufficient and quality financial results.