The Blueprint

Your business has gone global. Gone are the days of limiting your operations to serving local markets alone. For instance, transportation can cost a premium for your business. To increase profitability and gain strategic competitiveness, companies must get involved in international trade. That means handling pro forma invoice requests, transporting intermodally (road, air, sea, and rail), and nailing delivery times.

Our Blueprint integrates all of these variables with your operations and ensures success. Below are the 10-steps to get you started:

 10/  Steps to Building an Export Business


  • Capital Goods

  • Intermediate Goods

  • Consumer Goods


  • Offer to purchase wholesale price

  • Get a price list, samples

  • Get figures on quantities you can order

  • How long it will take to fill the order


  • How to generate sales

  • How to price the items

  • How to cover expenses including: shipping costs, taxes, and tariffs, and still make a profit


To distribute the product in the target market. Send them

  • brochure

  • Price List

  • Potential Samplesand they get busy selling


  • Distributors generate sales from retailers! Send them:

  • Delivery schedules

  • Payment information

  • Future sales growth


Optimize supplier capacity to fill orders


  • Load picked up directly from manufacturer

  • Load delivered timely and safely


Showing the bank that orders are fulfilled! Send:

Merchandise shipping documents

Delivery confirmation (if available)


Evaluate your revenue and profits

Determine future improvements


  • Pay any overseas sales representative(s)

  • Repeat necessary process steps

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