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Founded in 2021, Soumare Specializes in International Trade Engineering

Offerings include trade brokerage, virtual consulting, digital program, strategy guide, and case studies.

Introducing Our

Trading Company

Soumare is a leader in the field of International Business focusing on providing our agriculture clients with a full-service alternative to strategizing and optimizing their own Export operations.​​ 


Our bilingual technical sales engineering professionals are based at the firm’s United States headquarters.


We Make Exporting Simple

Packaging Factory

Tools & Hardware:

  • Hardware

  • Hand Tools

  • Material Handling Tools

  • Power Tool Accessories

  • Power Tools

  • Tool Parts

  • Tool Sets

  • Tool Stock

  • Hand Carts & Trolleys

  • Lawn Mower

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How It Works


Risk Management.

Trade Insurance


Foreign Exchange

Business Development.

Market Research

Digital Transformation.


Project Management.

Order Management


Product Research


Freight Forwarding

Better Late Than Never,
but never late Is better.

(Aubrey 'Drake' Graham)

Value 01.


Soumare utilizes its engineering resources to promote companies in the field and via videoconference, close to potential clients in order to guarantee that the pre-sale is successfully completed.


A Business Development Project allows companies to have access to Soumare’s eCommerce infrastructure, which facilitates interactions with validated buyers, distributors and importers.


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Helping you export products to international markets
Review Process
Analysis team considers business strategy
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Project manager performs sponsor reviews

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